Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

All Private Airport Jobs. Airport Arrivals, Departures, City Transfers & Hourly Disposal. Serving Mainly International Tourist, MICE Business Travelers, Businessman, Key Decision Makers & Senior Corporate Executives


Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet and Escort Services are part and parcel of our service standard. If you are not comfortable providing this service, leave the group immediately.


Free Membership

GROUP20 Membership is free and a privilege. If you are always on hibernation, your season parking will expire very soon.


World Class Service

The personal chauffeur is the first line of contact to bring our guests safely to their hotel destination. Serve them well and they become your exclusive clients.

Standard Economy Vehicle Requirements

Any 4 – door Sedans or MPV less than 10 years old. Vehicles must be unmarked with no branding decal, stickers, car wrap or any advertisements. (Compact vehicles like BMW 2 Series, Honda Fit, Honda Jazz & Toyota Yaris do not qualify. Toyota Sienta & Honda Freed do not qualify for MPV jobs, only sedan jobs) 

Limo Vehicle Requirements

Mercedes 9G / S Class / Audi A6 / BMW 5 Series or Alphard / Vellfire / V Class MPV less than 8 years old. Vehicles must be unmarked with no branding decal, stickers, car wrap or any advertisements.

Job Bidding System

Bidding of jobs require 2 items. 2 items are your Car plate number & Time/ETA (Job Pick Up Time). Based on fastest fingers displayed on Caller’s mobile phone.

A Caller is one who page out jobs in the group and request for cars. Only Callers or Admins can confirm your job. A Driver is commonly know as the Taker who bids for a job that was paged out.

There are 4 main types of job in the Limo industry: Arrival, Departure, City Transfer, Hourly Disposal.

Example of a Job Paging:

Today 1300 hrs
Arrival SQ321
Marina Bay Residence
$25/- Acc

Example of Job Bidding:

Assuming if your car plate is SLA4321R, in order to win the above job, you must bid 4321 1300

Best ETA 5, 10
Fullerton Hotel
$25/- Acc

So if your car plate is SLA4321R, in order to win the above job, you must bid
4321 5

After winning the bid, immediately send your details to Caller in the following format:

Name: Norman Weng
Toyota Camry Black
Car Plate: SLA4321R
HP: +65 91234567

Job Reporting Procedure

  • Always bookmark & reply to original Caller’s job page. Always report on the way (OTW) at least 30-40 mins before Pick-Up Time/ETA 
  • Report on the spot (OTS) when you reach the Pick-Up Point/ETA, at least 5 mins early 
  • When you OTS, you may be required to report LIVE LOCATION or 
  • Take a picture of Flight board and belt area.
  • Report passenger on board (POB) when client is in your car 
  • Take a picture of travel voucher if necessary
  • Report job completed when trip ends or disposal job is completed (JC)

The above 4 reporting status (OTW, OTS, POB, JC) must always be updated in the group page.

Discipline, House Keeping & Code of Conduct

Jobs confirmed to you are not allowed to be outsourced, subcontracted or paged out to other groups; or reassign to another driver; or repage without Caller’s permission and consent; or engage any third party apps.

An implied contractual agreement between you, the Taker and the Caller or where jobs awarded to you are based on good faith.

The Taker designated or assigned owes a fiduciary duty of care to the Caller. The taker owns a moral and legal obligation to care for every booking order while they’re conducting business. Strict care must be taken to ensure no conflict of interest arises between the Taker and his Caller.

If there is a breach of fiduciary duty or breach of trust, Callers reserves all rights to cancel your job and withhold payment.

On a case by case basis, if for emergency situations, Takers not able to fulfill jobs please return jobs to Caller immediately.

Only tyre puncture, accidents or medical issues are considered Emergency cases.

Never Ever Miss Any Job 

Be responsible when you bid for a job

Every job you bid is your personal responsibility and commitment to fulfill the job order.

Always be early and never late for any job. A mere one minute late is still considered late. This is a service lapse. Never let your clients wait for you. Only we wait for clients.

Do not give out personal name cards unless otherwise stated.

Do not smoke in the car or 30 minutes prior to job. Keep your car in clean and smoke-free state.

Full limo attire may be required for certain jobs, but smart casual is good to go. No shorts, bermudas, slippers, sandals, flip-flops, singlets or T-shirts are allowed when serving clients.

All driver partners must have PDVL/TDVL from the relevant authorities.

No Show Procedure

Our free waiting time limit is 90 mins upon flight landing for all Arrivals. Please OTS at the Arrival hall belt +30/45/60 mins after flight lands. Your effective waiting time is only 60 minutes.

All Arrivals/Departure/City Transfers please OTS 5 mins early.

For Departure is free 30 minutes waiting time limit. 

For City Transfer is free 15 minutes waiting time limit.

If passengers are not contactable and still no show after 55 mins (Arrivals), please inform Caller ASAP and standby for No Show Procedure.

Provide screenshots and take pictures of Flight TV Board showing flight number, landing time and belt waiting area; or Hotel reception/Concierge; or any screenshots/evidence of your communication text/calls with client/pax.
  • If after 55 mins, still no show/response from pax/guests and still not contactable, please inform Caller immediately.
  • Photo of your car at Hotel lobby or Pick Up Point
  • A note from the Hotel Concierge that pax has left or check out. The note should have the hotel stamp and letter head.
  • Paging board with Pax Name clearing imprint
  • Your current GPS Location
  • Car park receipt when doing any Arrivals.
  • You may only stand down with full claim once Caller gives permission.

Cancellation Policy & Waiting Fees

Current Job – Best ETA / Immediate Pick UP

If job is cancelled mid way through while you are on the way (OTW), Free cancellation and no claim.

Full claim if driver arrives at pick-up location and reported On The Spot (OTS).

Advance Job

If job is cancelled mid way through while you are on the way (OTW), $10.00 cancellation fee applies.

Full claim if driver arrives at pick-up location and reported On The Spot (OTS).

Waiting Time Fees

To be advice by each individual Callers for each block of 15 mins.

Arrival job 60 mins FREE waiting time.
Departure 30 mins FREE waiting time.
City transfer 15 mins FREE waiting time


All account jobs (Acc) are on 3 Day Payment Terms unless it is a corporate event. Payment terms for corporate events usually 14 – 21 days on account. 

Do not collect any cash from client unless stated as a cash job. Any tips collected is yours to keep.

Please register your mobile handphone number with PayNow. All payments will be made via PayNow

Download this few important apps into your mobile phones 

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Good Luck and Drive Safe