Modern Slavery Statement

Like any other service industry, our driver partners are not modern slaves and they deserve a dignified minimum wages. We do not allow anyone to be exploited for cheap labor.


Our Commitment


Statement against slavery and algorithmic human suppression

Our company holds itself and those with whom it works with to the highest standards of ethics and personal conduct. This is a commitment to employees, clients, suppliers, driver partners and stakeholders who are at the core of the way in which GROUP20.LIMO does business.

Modern Slavery

Opposes all forms of slavery, forced labor and human suppression by using software algorithms

Our Influence

Committed to taking steps to influence our business partners, supply chains and the community we serve.

Toxic Culture

Actively supports the core areas of human rights, labor, the work environment, anti-corruption, and the prevention of toxic culture.

Standards of conduct & Accountability

GROUP20.LIMO expects from any and all suppliers & driver partners including and not limited to:

  • compliance with applicable laws,
  • agreement to prevent slavery or trafficking in their own business and supply chains

We reserves the right to terminate relationships with suppliers and driver partners found to be in breach of the Responsible Supplier Code of conduct and to audit suppliers’ compliance with its terms.

GROUP20.LIMO seeks to establish and maintain relationships with suppliers and all partners with a view to ensuring that all parts of the supply chain act in accordance with applicable laws, GROUP20.LIMO’s values and ethical principles.

All employees are required to complete annual training on our business conduct and ethics policies

Promote Diversity


Human Rights Respect

Our employment and labor practices

We reinforce a safe, healthy and inclusive workplace with a strong culture of collaboration and respect for others. This is underpinned by policies fostering mutual respect and dignity, promoting diversity, inclusion and respect for human rights, and workplace health and security.

Mutual Respect
Fostering Mutual Respect and Dignity in the Workplace
equal employment & income opportunities
based on our work-related abilities, achievements, and experience
Fostering Mutual Respect and Dignity in the Workplace

We expect everyone to value and respect their colleagues, customers and driver-partners. Treat each other as they want to be treated. This means that we do not accept behavior which deviates from our principle of mutual respect in our workplace. Unacceptable behavior can come in many forms—physical, verbal, or sexual. In essence, it is any action that creates an unwelcome, intimidating, harassing, discriminating, or hostile work environment.

We believe that showing respect for diverse ethnical and cultural backgrounds, genders, opinions, sexual orientations, physical capabilities, and talents allows us to work as a strong team and connects us to our global stakeholders. These values are expressed in our commitment to equal employment and income opportunities, as well as fair treatment and consideration in all of our hiring and promoting practices.

At GROUPO20.LIMO we are employed and promoted based on our work-related abilities, achievements, and experience and in accordance with local laws